It’s okay to eat while standing, or more diet advice debunked


I’ve known the standard advice for almost all of my life. Eat at the table. Make an occasion of it. Don’t read or watch television. Pay attention to your food. Eating while standing is bad news.

Grade six me heard that advice from a weight watchers leader and decades later I heard the same advice from a nutrition counseling program.

Here it is again in article called the habits that keep you fat.

Number one is eating while standing.

FAT HABIT: You eat while standing up.
Studies show that people who skip sit-down meals in the interest of saving time may be costing themselves unwanted calories. Canadian researchers asked one group of people to eat food out of plastic containers while standing over a kitchen counter, while a second group ate an identical meal off of a plate sitting down at a table.

At their next meal a few hours…

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